B-24D Strawberry Bith Decals needed 1/48


I recently started to work on the Monogram classics 1/48 issue of the B-24D, well an accident happened, and the kit's provided decals got killed.

I am looking for the monogram decals if possible, if not looking for an aftermarket set.

all help is appreciated.

take care and thanks

George snipped-for-privacy@jorsm.com

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I thought Strawberry Bitch was one of the markings on that huge Ploesti B-24 IPMS San Diego National Convention decal sheet from several years ago (I haven't looked at mine in a while and am not 100% sure it's one of the markings). I don't know if any are still available through IPMS (would guess not) but someone out there may still have remnants of the sheet they haven't used.

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Bill Woodier

TRY MIKE GRANT decals if your looking for "strawberry bitch"

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