Bf109 Colour Scheme query

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I wish to build a model of the Messerschmitt Bf109E that was flown by Uffz Paul Wacker in 1940. The aircraft was on charge to 4/LG2, while Wacker himself served with JG26. On 30 November 1940, Wacker was flying a weather recconaissance sortie over Swanage when his aircraft suffered an engine failure. He belly landed the aircraft near Corfe Castle.

This aircraft is featured on Aeromaster decal sheet 48-645. Aeromaster state it to have been a Bf109E-1/B, W.Nr. 6313. The scheme presented is 65 undersurfaces with an 02 and mixed grey splinter uppersurfaces. The cowling and spinner are shown as overall yellow.

I have another reference to this aircraft, Scale Aircraft Modelling vol6 no4, Jan 84. This states the aircraft to have been an E-4 and the scheme was

76 overall with 75 uppersurfaces. Some repair work along the spine was presented as primed with 02. Only the upper cowling was yellow and the spinner was dark blue with two white stripes. The photograph in the article clearly shows the 02 area on the spine, but little else.

Can anyone please confirm which of these interpretations is correct? Are there any other references that I can consult?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Tough call! Since it's November I doubt it would be an E-1 but being used for recon it could be a hold out. I don't have a werke number list; that would be one way to figure out whether it's a E-1 or E-4.I'd probably go with the Aeromaster info since the photo in SAM shows you little. E-1's were sometimes re-fitted with E-4 canopies which is where the confusion may lie.

The color info from Aeromaster sounds like a repaint which makes sense for an E-1 at that point. hth

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