Yet Another Bf109 query!

I'm back with yet another Bf109 query!
I'd like to build a G-10, Yellow 7 of JG300, as featured on Cutting Edge
sheet CED48167.
Cutting Edge represent this aircraft as a standard G-10 (insofar as any G-10
can be said to be standard). However
formatting link
a pretty conclusive argument for this aircraft being an Erla built
machine with a "Type 110" cowling. There are no further pictures of this
aircraft on the site and a search on Google hasn't brought any more to
light, despite various reviews stating that this is a very well known
Cutting Edge sheet CED32059 shows Yellow 5 of JG300 as an Erla machine. This
is in a similar colour scheme to Yellow 7 with the exception of the fuselage
which is RLM 83, rather than 81/83 as depicted on CED48167.
Is there any documentary evidence to support CE's contention of a 81/83
fuselage on Yellow 7?
The photograph of Yellow 7 in the above URL shows an obvious colour
demarcation line between the wingtip and the wing lower surface, which would
seem to indicate that the wooden wingtip was painted in RLM 76 while the
remainder of the wing was unpainted. I know that FW-190s and Me262s were
routinely delivered with unpainted wing lowersurfaces. Did this sort of
thing happen routinely with Bf109s?
Thanks in advance.
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