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I'm currently about to build a Roden 1:72 Albatross D.III and have come across 2 colours I require that don't appear to be in current Humbrol catalogues.

I have not had the best of luck with on-line cross-reference charts, and was wondering if anyone has or has seen the following colours:

Humbrol 122 Pale Blue Matt Humbrol 180 Red Leather Satin

Can I make 180 by by just using some 62 leather with a drop of 73 wine?

Is the pale blue close to or the old Humbrol version of RLM 76 blue?


-- _________________ Norman Lever Melbourne, Australia _________________

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Norman Lever
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IIRC the pale blue is somewhat bluer than RLM 65. It's closer to Testors #1162 Sky Blue Flat. I'm afraid I don't know enough about other lines in case Testors is unobtainable.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

That should have been RLM 76, of course. Which makes me wonder if Humbrol's RLM 78 is still around?

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

"Norman Lever" wrote in news:c5ad2v$kmq$

Looking at this site:

formatting link

This is fs35622. Xtracolour, Testors, Gunze listed for alternatives.

No luck here :-(

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Peter Baxter

Hi Norman,

I have 2 Humbrol colour charts, and while the recent one does not mention

180, the older one does, so it looks to have been dropped.

However on looking at the reference charts for other makes 180 is also known as Humbrol Authentic MC29, but that's it. If you wish contact me direct and I'd be happy to scan it for you.

Also, its the same story for 122, which has been dropped from the newer paint chart, though Peter has provided the answer here, but just in case my charts say it is matched by Testor 1722; Humbrol Authentic IAF4; FS 35622 (correct!); and Gunze Sangyo 314.

Cheers, Stephen

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Stephen Leslie

Humbrol 122, now discontinued, was intended for the lower fuselage of IDF/AF aircraft (FS 35622) and was a very plae light blue. Gunze Sangyo 314 and Testor 1722 should match this color.



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Andre van der Hoek

Well, I totally missed that one. I was thinking of the 'Authentic' HG10. Sorry!

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

According to the Humbrol colour system binder, 'red leather' can be mixed up from 28 parts 60, 22 parts 24, 9 parts 77 and 4 parts 34. The closest thing I can find in there for the blue paint is 'German light blue' from the WW1 aircraft section, which can be made of 20 parts 14,

10 parts 34, and 1 part 99.

In either case, the numbers are from the current Humbrol range. If you can't find what you need elsewhere, these recipies might be usefull.


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Rob van Riel

I have a paint-sample Humbrol colour chart which includes these colours. To my uneducated eye, 180 seems closest to 70 Brick Red in colour; a mix of 62 and 73 would need more 73, I think. Note that 180 is satin while 62 and 73 are matt, so satin varnish overcoat will be needed. 122 is very pale and has no near equivalent on the chart - but others have given you the FS and other equivalents.

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Alan Dicey

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