BMP-1 info needed

I'm making a BMP-1 in 1:35 scale and need the following info ....
- Track colour; right now they are moulded black
- the front headlights should I put MV lenses in or did they have covers so
you can't see them
- The driver and other view ports what colour should they be
- the road wheels did they have rubber around them or painted the same as
the vehicle
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BMP had rubber-rimmed wheels. The tracks were painted with a black, bituminous paint to retard corrosion, but his would wear off the high points where the tracks contact the ground, leaving bare metal if the vehicle has been driven recently, or orange rust if it has been parked for a while. Gerald Owens
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One headlight usually had a blackout mask and the other one was IR (nearly black color). MV does make an IR simulator lens for it.
For the viewports I got a great tip several years ago from Ben Cliche via Steve Zaloga. Get the header strip from 35mm film negatives, cut them into strips the right size, and attach with Micro Krystal Kleer or other white glue. Looks great when done.
Cookie Sewell
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Do you mean the exposed leader that is very dark after processing or the "frame" portion that is sepia in color? tia,
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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