Bob Letterman

Years ago, Bob Letterman made a diorama called: Winds of War. Anyone got any
pictures of this or a link to a website with pictures of this diorama.
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I believe Winds of War was a revised version of an earlier diorama he made. If I've got the name right, the original was originally titled something else and showed the same town but later in the war under US control, with Patton's headquartered there. This was amply illustrated in the VLS publication Super Dioramas. The revised version was a "prequel" with the town under German control. IIRC it may also have been covered in a subsequent VLS publication.
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Mark Levine
It got a big spread in Fine Scale Modeler -- check their website to see which issue it was in.
Cookie Sewell
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- this is the VLS site. Click Galeries then dioramas near the bottom of the list are three pictures of Dioramas by Bob Letterman. The one you asked about was built in 1985 and rebuilt after being damaged in 1991. This was featured in the VLS magazine back then and in 40 other publications..Winds of War and sequel War and Rememberance were popular Herman Woulk novels made into TV mini series if you're not familiar with the title. Val Kraut
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Val Kraut

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