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Can anyone give me a list or a link to a list of scale model brands that specialize or at least have a line in automobiles / sports cars / bikes?

Thanks in advance!

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I can't say I've seen an all-inclusive list, but I'd suggest, based on the specific types of cars you're interested in (American, import, ect.) you check out websites for some of the manufacturers.

Some examples would be Revell-Monogram and AMT/ERTL for current offerings of American cars.

If your interest is more in imports and rally cars, try checking out Fujimi, Aoshima, and Tamiya. All of these offer a large variety of car kits, but cater to the import crowd.

Tamiya also has a respectable offering of bike kits, ranging from racing speedbikes to cruisers.

Easiest method is to type the brand name in your search box. The company site should be one of your first responses. Best of luck with your search.

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umm... forgive me for my lack of foresight for this but how does a manufacturer's site help me in finding scale models of them? Although I do use them to see a life size sample of the car in question to I can apply it to the model.

manufacturer's sites do sell models but it's the die cast kind. ;) all ready to display. hehehe..

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He was referring to the kit manufacturers' sites.

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