Creased decals - what can I do?

I'm working on an Italeri 1/6 motorcycle kit. It's got loads of decals on
the fairing, and in the main they've gone on well. I have 2 areas where
there is light creasing after it's dried, which I didn't pick up when I
applied because I used microsol so it was all wrinkled anyway.
I've tried more microsol, I've tried pricking the crease with a pin to get
the microsol to really soak in and although it's better it's still visible.
I may be entering that area we all know and love, where I'm obsessed with
one tiny imperfection and will probably end up ruining the model by trying
to fix it. I know it's a fine line - a lot of models have ended up in the
bin in my house :-)
So, should I just put up with it, or is there anything more I can do? All
help/advice gratefully received.
Thanks, Mark.
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Mark Warrington
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You might want to try a more aggressive decal setting solution like Solvaset or Champs. Just prick it again and try the new solution.
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Pauli G
If you haven't socked it with the stronger solutions yet you might try this if you have a lot of patience. Use a soft paint brush and dip it in warm water. Soak the decalled area with warm water then with the damp brush slowly start to work the brush under the edge of the decal. Keep the decal wet and the brush damp and continue to work the edge of the decal up until it starts to lift. Once the decal has lifted to the creased portion flatten it using the damp brush tip and once the crease has laid down then use additional decal solvent on it and continue pressing it down gently with the brush. I have used this method to remove and then replace the same decal on ones that have set for over a year. Obviously, they were not clear coated or "Futured" over. Give it a try, you've nothing to lose but some time. Cliff
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