Eduard Profipack Fokker Dr.1

I bought a triplane out of impulse today. $5 Revell and $4 Airfix kit caught my
eye, but having built the Revell kit maybe 30 years ago and just torturing
myself with the Airfix Sheridan, I decided to aim for a good quality kit.
Has anyone had any experience with this plane? It is 1/72 scale and kit #7016.
It includes PE and some Eduard express masks. Not a bad looking kit, impressive
detail. I didn't realize it would be so small though.
Chose the Fokker Dr.1 because a local station plays that Snoopy/Red Baron
Christmas song often. And because it does not have a lot of rigging. Almost
picked up Udet's Fokker E III, but that monoplane looked like there were too
many strings hanging around.
Rob Gronovius
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Rob Gronovius
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Tail weight!!!!
Rob Gr>
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Rob, I haven't built the Eduard Dr.1, but the others that I have done are pretty good - a bit fiddly sometimes (esp the PE!), but good results. As for the size - it's a real wake-up call after building more modern stuff, isn't it; even compared to WW2 aircraft, WW1 was tiny! Brave men indeed, those early pilots.
RobG (the Aussie one)
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Rob Grinberg
Got one on the go... Yep, the PE is very fiddly!
Got to push Robs Lamplugh's replica back into the hangar at N Weald a couple of years ago when checking over his Staggerwing.
One of his mechanics was an elderly chap, who was groundcrew for the first aircraft - a Blenheim - sortied by the RAF in WW2, a recce mission to check out the German Fleet.
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Chris Hughes
Many moons ago I got a chance to take a close look at the Nieuport 10 or 12 that the National Air and Space Museum had in storage. I believe it is currently in the hands of the experimental aircraft association for restoration up at Oskosh. The main fuselage longerons were square section wood about 2" on a side. The cross members between the longerons were somewhat smaller. All this held together by wire cross bracing. Incredibly flimsy in appearance. Going up in that thing took guts, let alone getting in a dogfight.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Is that true? Or is it a "legend"? One sees that recommendation for numerous DR-1 kits. It just seems so bizarre for a kit to require a TAIL weight, no matter how much of the wing and nose are aheard of the "fulcrum". Also, how about the REAL DR-1? Was it also "nose-heavy"?
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Greg Heilers

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