Roden 1/32 scale Fokker DR.1

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I got my hot little hands on this baby today and here's the initial impression. Nice moldings, but a bit "over engineered". There are some fine parts that are going to be a challenge to get off the sprues without breakage. Rib detail on the wings and tail parts is suttle and well done. There is little extra to add to the engine except maybe spark plug wires. Two different styles of aileron and two different styles of stabilizer and elevator. This tells me there will be a second kit at sometime depicting the original Fokker F.1, probably with Werner Voss' markings. There are two different styles of machine gun moldings which also hints that there will be a "High Tech" version of the kit at sometime with etched machine gun jackets. Decals cover markings for Udet's "LO" with black & white stripes, Richtofen's DR.1/477, Fritz Kempf's bird from Jasta 2 and Josef Jacob's all black bird with the fire breathing demon on the side. Looks like all the bits for a really classy model, right out of the box.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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Cool! I've been wondering about that one but didn't realize it had been released yet. Initially, since many of the Roden WW-I kits in 1/48 (particularly later releases) don't have much in the way of rigging diagrams, I had a moment of concern until I remembered there's almost no rigging on the DR-1. Looks like I'm going to have to get hold of one.

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Bill Woodier

and Josef Jacob's

To do an accurate Jacobs aircraft, a Clerget engine from the 1/32 Academy Camel will need to be substituted for the kit engine. Hopefully, CMK or Aires will release a resin Clerget engine so that sacrificing a Camel kit won't be necessary.


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