Extremely OT: Costs to going to a Concert

Whoa! Went to see the Eagles last night in Oakland, Ca. Things
have got a bit out of hand. Not discussing the ticket prices....
$30 to park
$12 for a beer
$6 for a bottle of Coke
Needless to say I bought nothing. This venue is also where the
Warriors basketball team plays. I don't go to sporting events - are
these prices the usual for sporting events too? I saw on person
walking up to her seats last night with two trays of drinks, hot dogs
and nachos. Probably cost her $100.
Just amazing.
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" Used to be a time kids went to the ball games with their parents - look at the stands today - all lawers and other high paid corporate types. At one time they actually gave bleacher ticket coupons on the back of cereal boxes. Times have changed. The same applies to movie theaters.
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Val Kraut
it awfull. getting tickets from ticket mobster is the eort way to go. might have cost her more. flecing retards, it's how they makr money. i saw the stoned for 12 bucks.
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Tsk, in 1956, my sister-in-law went to see Elivis Presley at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York. She saved an advertising poster, the kind that would have been in a store or restaurant window. All seats $1.75.....
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The Old Man
We were having this very discussion just yesterday. At first we were talking about the cost of going to see a NFL (Panthers) game and how they bleed you there, but quickly came around to the worst of the worst - fossil rockers (Stones, Chicago, etc) and the like (Streisand - I'll pay her $200 to quit singing.) $200 to watch these greedtards retire, and retire, and retire, again, and again and again. Last chance to see them my arse - apparently the last chance is only when the priest says so. I understand NASCAR does a pretty good job shaking down fans - dunno, haven't seen a race since late 90s and it was a freebie.
My verdict was I'll never spend more than $100 (ticket) on any show, unless it is in the pursuit of nookie. Which as you get older becomes a lot more settled (one way or the other) in nature. After all, it's a much shorter walk from the TV to the bedroom. ;-)
The absolute most I ever spent on a ticket was probably $25. That's about the most I'm willing to pay someone to listen to them or watch them for a few hours. The most expensive ticket I ever used, $50 or $100 don't recall. A young lady I once knew had a desire to see Michael Jordan up close and presonal.
Well, that f*****r lost the game. I didn't make out much better.
TV's nice enough - thank you mssrs Farnsworth, Zworykin and Sarnoff.
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"> $200 to watch these greedtards retire, and retire, and retire, again, and
There's a funny perspective here - I have a firend at work who I've overheard buying tickets and making reservation for the family on the phone. You hear sentences like - I'd really like to get tickets for under $90 or some other large number. So this is one evening at a show in new york.I do some quick mental calculations and arrive at thoughts lilke this one evening is worth a set of kits that would build 1/2 of a Trumpeter BP42 German armored train in 1/35, that would keep me busy building for months. Maybe this really is a cheap hobby - I just don't know it.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
I dunno about movies there, but here, $30 gets you a ticket, a large drink, popcorn and lollies (candy for our Stateside readers :) ). Still not cheap, and only one flick, but meh, it's the 21st Century - whaddya want for nothing huh?
And the most I've ever paid for a ticket was $150 each for my little brother and I to go see Def Leppard, and it was worth every cent. But I DO recall the days of seeing bands in clubs for just the $6 cover charge... ah well, we're all getting older.
RobG (The Aussie one)
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