FS - Partial Collection - Aircraft, some Armor and Ship

Greetings RMS'ers:
My name is Todd Henry and I used to be a fairly common reader and poster to
r.m.s. I also used to build models. Actually, I still do every now and
then but work and two small children mean that the boxes upon boxes of
models sitting in the basement will likely never be built. Don't worry I'm
keeping some, but the ones that are not "must builds" are compiled in an
excel spreadsheet listing scale, mfr, model, as well as some comments about
any aftermarket parts or decals that I may have. While the models
themselves have been stored in boxes, in most cases the decals have been
stored in binders in climate controlled surroundings.
I have priced the models individually, but if you are interested in buying
multiple units or in perhaps purchasing the full Monty, I would be glad to
entertain offers. Shipping from Atlanta will be at cost for postage (by
your shipper of choice) and materials if needed. I'm not looking to use
shipping as a profit center. I have done business with some that are still
on R.M.S. I know and I also have a perfect feedback rating on EBAY under the
username cthenrys01, so you can buy with confidence. If you have questions
I am also willing to discuss them by email or even by phone if you desire.
Basically, I am trying to clean out the basement as well as raise a little
cash. I would rather sell these items through RMS or Hyperscale than put
them on Ebay.
That having been said, email me at snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net if you are
interested in the list.
Thanks for listening.
Todd Henry
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Todd Henry
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