Gloster Meteor NF14

Neither. It means that the nose part provided for the NF-14 is too long. For the correct length, use the parts provided for the NF-12.
Just leave it off and use the NF-12 parts instead. It's a very simple fix. If you've already glued it, yes you'll have to cut it off.
The nose of the NF-14 *looks* longer due to the shorter, steeper winsdcreen, and the widened (and shortened) intakes. John measured one (while researching his 1/48 kit) and found that it's the very same length as the NF-12.
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Jessie C
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Does anyone know what the controversy over the nose of this aircraft is
about? Apparently, John Adams of Aeroclub is quoted as saying that the
radar nose of the Matchbox kit is too long and should be the same length as
that for the NF12.
Does this mean that the whole fuselage is too long or does it mean that the
overall length is all right but the radome as supplied extends too far back?
Can the problem be cured by painting only part of the kit NF14 radome black
or do I need to cut off the NF14 radome and replace it with the NF12 part,
shortening the fuselage in the process?
This is one of my shameful collection of half-finished models and I'd like
to finish it off. I now realise that this doubt about the nose is the
reason that I didn't finish it in the first place. A rigorous accounting
process reveals that there are almost fifty unfinished models in the loft
and I've decided not to start anything new till I finish a substantial
number of them. Other questions will follow!
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin
Thanks for your reply.
I had already assembled the kit so I will have to cut off the NF14 nose before fitting the NF12 part.
I'm a little confused by your reply. If the NF12 nose is shorter than the part for the NF14 and I replace the NF14 part with the shorter NF12 part, that will shorten the fuselage by the amount of the difference between the two noses. This means that either the fuselage with the NF14 nose is too long and the fitting of the shorter nose will put it right or the fuselage is the right length with the NF14 nose and fitting the shorter NF12 nose will leave it too short in which case I shall have to add extra length elsewhere to compensate. Which is it?
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin
The simple fact is the NF14 nose is wrong, which means the overall length is wrong. There was no difference in length between the NF12 and the NF14.
The whole thing is based on an error many years ago where someone mis-interpreted the difference between the NF11/13 and the NF12/14.
The NF12 was 17 inches (I think) longer than the NF11 - the NF14 was ALSO 17 inches longer than the NF11 (Ie the same as the NF12) however, someone read that as ANOTHER 17 inches on top of the NF12, and published those figures.
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