I'll be making a trip to the RAF museum at Hendon soon, and I can't go without a pilgrimage to nearby Hannants...I was wondering though, I know it's a huge distribution warehouse, but is it also a shop-ie open to the general public? Anyone made the trip? Worth it? ATB billy

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The main Hannants shop in Lowestoft is the huge distribution warehouse. The shop near to the RAF Museum is simply a shop - albeit with a large stock.

I regularly visit the Lowestoft one. That's very much worth it. They even have a real Harrier there, which was one of my jets when I was on a Harrier squadron. I would have thought it had been scrapped long ago, so it was nie to see it again.

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Enzo Matrix

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Hub & Diane Plott

Hi Mainman,

The Hannants near RAF Hendon is a shop not the warehouse, but you will find most of what you want there I am sure. Just in case you don't know the shop has moved from outside Colindale tube ststaion to a site closer to the museum so check their website for the address and opening times as I don't have them to hand.

Hope you have a great time at the museum.


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Doug wrote

And remember to turn left coming out of the station. If you go past the British Library Newspaper Archive you're going the wrong way, and very few (an accidental test a couple of years ago says 1 in 4) people in the area admit to knowing there's an RAF museum anywhere.

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Rik Shepherd

I'll second that left turn. Been a while since I have been there, but as I recall it is about a 10-min walk from the tube. Will be on the right side of the street as you come from the Collindale station. Sits back a bit from the street - quite a few trees as I recall in the neighborhood.

Actually, hard to miss if you are looking for it, but if you were just strolling by you might not notice it was there.

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That's a wonderful museum, and Hannant's is a lot of fun (although I haven't been there since the move). Make sure you to spend a lot of time/energy/money for the decal stash. Binder after binder full of decals! I nabbed a bunch of Airwaves PE on that trip too. I go a) for the stuff I can't find here easily and b) the stuff that travels easily.

Regarding museums, just north of Cambridge is Duxford; it's even more amazing a museum then Hendon. Both times I went to Duxford, I stayed in Cambridge and rode the bus to Duxford. Not a long ride at all.


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Stephen Tontoni

Put these coordinates into Google Maps for the location of the new Hannants shop in London:


And yes, it's well worth a visit. When I was there last they were in the process of setting up a second hand book shop on the floor above the shop proper.

Depending on what sort of subject matter you're interested in, The Aviation Hobby Shop:

51.51118,-0.472165 Comet Miniatures: 51.466247,-0.1531 and Kit Krazy: 51.457858,0.135484

May also be worth a look.


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