Hawker Hunter Ejection Seat Colours

Whilst working on the Revell Jaguar, I've started on the Revell Hunter
F6 in1/72 scale. The instructions show the ejection seat as having a
blue seat cushion and rust red seat back. The few ejection seats that
I've seen were fairly drab affairs with brown and buff fabric. Are
the colours given by Revell correct for a RAF Hunter? I've Googled
for the Mk 2H seat but found no definite information.
Gordon McLaughlin
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I haven't had as much experience with Hunters. Just a static weapons trainer at Cosford and a marshalling trainer at Scampton. However on those aircraft the seats were the same colours as all other RAF aircraft I have seen.
The seat squab is the Personnel Survival Pack (PSP) and is yellow, with a black cushion. Paint the whole thing yellow and then paint the cushion over the top leaving a thin outline of yellow.
The seat back is the parachute pack. This is a darkish green - the colour varies. There is also a cushion over the top of that, again the colour varies but they are invariably drab green colours. The brightest I have seen is a dark buff.
The seat belts are a mid-brown colour, sometimes with a bronze tint.
As I said above, all my contact with Hunters was when they were out of front line service. However, the blue and red mentioned in the instructions seems very unlikely to me.
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