Hawker Hunter destroyed in Oregon

A recently restored Hawker Hunter, one of the most beautiful military jets of all time, IMHO, crashed and was destroyed today at 4:35pm at the Oregon International Airshow. While it appears that the pilot did not have time to eject, nobody else appears to have been hurt on the ground. It destroyed three houses. At this point it seems he had a flameout, as it was seen dutch rolling before stalling and crashing, but without any engine sound.

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Geoff Sanders
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or as in the news video the plane was doing a loop when it clipped the houses

just shows how much difference there is between stories?

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I feel for the unfortunate pilot and his family. I enjoy guessing because when I'm right it feels good . I think he started too low, pulled too hard going up, tried to compensate by pulling hard down the backside. Result = accelerated stall which increased the turn radius. Result =

*almost* made it :-(
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Ed Forsythe

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