I have order an Italeri - USS John Stennis 1/720 to build with my 11

1/2 year old grandson. This is the first model that we are building.

I also have ordered nine different colors of paint in ½ ounce bottles that were suggested -- Dark Green, Gunship Gray, Flat Gull Gray, Flat Black, Flat White, Blue Angel Blue, Brass, Red and Orange.

And a tube of Precision Cement 1.15 Oz.

We are going to be away from a major city and might not be able to find a hobby/model shop close by.

Is there anything else that we might want to buy before we leave home?

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If you don't already have them, then a minimum set of tools, such as

- a sprue cutter, a small wire cutter will also do the job,

- hobby knife, an X-acto or likewise, with a few blades,

- wet and dry paper,

- paintbrushes,

- thinner for the paint, and to clean the brushes.

Good luck and have fun.

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A cheap pair of tweezers to handle all those small parts you'll find on a shipa ; a roll of tape may come in handy too. Good luck and be patient!

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In addition to tools recommended by others, I suggest a very small toolmaker's or jeweler's file (or a set--these can sometimes be found very inexpensively, since they are mass-produced in China). It can be useful for removing small imperfections and mold-release marks from kit parts. If this is unavailable, a nail file or sanding stick might serve. GPO

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