HMS VICTORY Reference Site

While looking for additional HMS Victory resources, I ran across this excellent resource:

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The site consists of 236 slides which are broken down as follows:

Exterior - 88 slides Hold - 27 slides Lower Deck - 22 slides Middle Deck - 22 slides Orlop - 23 slides Quarter Deck - 25 slides Upper Deck - 29 slides

The slides are of excellent quality, and provide a great reference... Enjoy

Fargo, ND

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Right - great pictures. Now thats a site I should have known about when I built my 1/100 Heller 'Victory' a few years ago! I had my own pictures from Portsmouth but of course not that amount of detail. Ingo

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Ingo Degenhardt

[some stuff snipped here]

considering the new kit of victory [when it hits the shops] from airfix has about 2000 parts [its a very high part count AFAIR] then this ref is very handy!



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How does it differ from the 1:100 Heller (AirFix?) 80897 kit with 2107 pieces? John

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John DeBoo

Plastic >>> yuch . Do it properly , IN WOOD !!

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Julia De Silva

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