How do I paint wires?

I'm using some strands of telephone jack wire to detail a cockpit...not sure how to get paint to stick to it. It is currently silver and I want to be able to paint it black and copper...any suggestions would be appreciated! When I've tried it before, the paint comes off very easily...seems like there should be a way let it grab hold of the wire a little bit better.

BTW...if there are sources for this information, please let me know. I keep "googling" stuff but it's not been helpful...sorry for posting so many questions...


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Could you paint it with gray metal primer first, then overpaint it with the black or copper?


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Pat Flannery

Copper is easy - just find another stranded wire that is not tinned. It will have natural copper color (as that is what wire is made of).

Black and other colors: Do not use paint. Use permanent markers. In USA there is a "Sharpie" brand of permanent markers. I've seen dozens of colors available. I use black and silver and since the ink layer is so thin it stays on the wire even after flexing it.


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Peter W.


If you're building for permanence - museum display etc. - it might be worth considering the longevity of the pigments and binders these 'permanent' markers use.

There's a discussion the subject here:

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In my experience permanent markers tend to fade - especially those that use dyes rather than solid particulate pigments.

I haven't tried it but maybe a mix of J&J floor polish (Kleer, Future, One-Go etc.) and India ink?

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Krylon primer does a good job on both plastic and metal. That is what I use.

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

Took the words right out of my mouth Peteski.... I second his remarks.

--- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni

Not sure how well it works as I haven't tried it, but Micro-Marc has a product called BLACKEN-IT. Claims to blacken brass, steel, nickel-silver and most metals except aluminum and stainless steel.

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I use Blacken-it but it gives a sort of dark gray aged finish (not a solid black) and sometimes it develops a slight "frosting" after some time. I suspect that happens because I don't completely clean it off my parts.

If this type of finish is desired then Blacken-It will be perfect.


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Peter W.

You really need to put some primer on the wires. I use Tamiya metal/ plastic primer. Also, there's a Mr. Metal Primer available.

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Pauli G

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