Need Paint help...NH Cranberry Red

Hello. Well it that time of year again.... no not the holidays but when a "friend" gets me to do "a little paint job I just don't have the time to do". I was told its a solid red with white trim. I thought it was for an F7 or something small. Now I'm told its for a DL 109 Cranberry scheme.

HELP!! What paint do I use? Which decals set(s) to get?? (I'm a western modeler and except for NYC or PC or NW {all black} I haven't a clue)

Hey Jim Six this is your half of the country any ideas or help??

To any and All who help, THANK YOU!!

To my "friend", you'd better switch to a railroad WEST of Chicago and this unit won't be sliding down the chimney with Santa........ Unless its Fe....... Paul

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Accu-cals had a decal set #5819H that included decals for the "Cranberry" paint scheme. I'm not sure if they are still available, but you can check at:

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One of their red paints is probably a match too, but I'm not sure which. Maybe someone else can answer that.


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The only color photos I've seen of the NH Cranberry DL109 make it seem to match Testor's 1104 dark red.

As for therein lies the problem. I believe the unit was lettered in off-white; the only Nh decal sets are yellow or dulux. Perhaps Microscale has some alphabet set that matches...

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Steve Hoskins

6 is New York Central foamer - he won't know bupkus about the New Haven :)

Decals - Accu-Cals offered a set some years ago that had the Cranberry lettering in it...ISTR that only the 0727 got that livery. Whether or not you can still get Accu-Cals is another issue. As a recovering NH modeler I have some squirreled away downstairs...if you can't find any email me off list at clzeni at mindspring dawt com and we'll see if we can help out :)

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Craig Zeni

I wondered why He chose a road with such a simple scheme........(VBG)

You will be getting an email shortly.

Why do I always fall for these things???? I should know by now No "simple job" is and a Quick Job takes too long...

Again to all THANK YOU!!! Paul

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Heh. You'll have fun with the striping... ;-) Be glad it's not the warm orange and green scheme.

The others are correct about Accu-cals as they did make them at one time. IIRC, the Accu-cal set does have paint suggestions, although for the actual color, you can get the "New Haven Color Guide" from the New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association. The Color Guide is a paint chip book containing most of of the official NH colors as made by DuPont. This book includes the off-white and dark red of "The Cranberry", as well as the McGinnis colors and others. I think it's going for less than $20 now. The NHRHTA also has a web forum at

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where you can get all the advice you want on "Aristocrat of New England Transportation" (that's the New Haven, of course). ^_^ That's also the website, BTW, where you can purchase that paint chip book.

Like some NYC modeler would have a clue about the New Haven... LOL

Now, why would anyone want to model such uninteresting roads like that? :-D Especially since the New Haven has everything you could ever want to model (well, there's no deserts, but other than that...). :-) BTW, on your DL109 project, are you starting with a LLP1K? Or are you painting brass? If you are doing the LL model, don't forget you need to paint the underframe silver (or at least the trucks), the airhorns should be replaced with Hancock Air Whistles (available from Details West), the radiator fan housings should be square not round (the NH added automatic shutters to these) which can be modeled by splicing together some Cannon & Co. grills, the side windows need to be filled in and covered over with screening, and a lot of the roof detail needs to be cleaned off. Other than that, you're ok. :-) If you need more info, try posting here or on that NH Forum...

Paul A. Cutler III

************* Weather Or No Go New Haven *************
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Pac Man

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