How to get replacement parts from DRAGON ?

Today I got my package with Dragon 1/48 Ho229 model kit.
I am from Europe, but I got my Ho 2290 from US seller.
Major problem is that part number 2a (fuselage lower half) is
very deformed, out of shape. I have tried to force it back to
shape, but it is not possible, and I need to replace it with a
new fuselage part.
Any advice how to get spare part from Dragon ?
What is Dragon site URL and email ?
Many thanks,
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Zeljko Hanich
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Zac, Try the box end.. most of the older stuff has the old "City of Insutry Ca" address. I think they are distrubted by Dragonmodels US or somesuch now..googeled and found
formatting link
have no idea about who to contact in Europe. Sorry.
I have had two expereinces with getting replacement parts, one very frustrating, one very rewarding from the old MarcoPolo Importers.
good luck.
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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.
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