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A friend of mine had his father-in-law die and he wound up with this
collection of scale models kits. All the models are still in their
original boxes unmade. The collection includes numerous kits from
Aurora, etc, depicting war aircraft, etc. I was wondering if there
were any sites on the web that offer to buy such collections?
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You clould always sell 'em on eBay, or set up an inventory and post it here to see if anyone was interested in buying some of them.
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The Old Timer
You will get alot more for them by selling them individually. Make a list and post it here, for starters. The Aurora kits are sought after.
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You didn't say where you were. Go to your local hobby shop and pick up an issue of Fine Scale Modeler. Their classified section lists a number of collection buyers, if he doesn't want to go thru the hassle of eBaying it. Kim M
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Bill Wesley Hampton Roads Hobby
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Bill Wesley
Well if you have a bunch of old Auroras and kits from that era my suggestion would be NOT to sell them anywhere but Ebay! Unless you have John Burns' Kit Collectors Clearinghouse kit value guide in hand. With the value guide you can educate yourself as to what these old treasures can be worth to collectors.
Old Aurora's, Revell's, Renwal etc.. are highly sought after and I hate to tell you this but some modelers are really cheap. They will try to get these from you at garage sale prices if you are not educated to their value. Since the deceased family probably would like to get as much as possible to help with the family expenses I think Ebay would give you back a fair amount. Just know that Ebay get's their percentage as well but the buyers will be collectors who are willing to spend.
Good Luck, Max Bryant
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M Bryant

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