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Time for some stash clearing. I have the following kits that need to leave:
Revell (Germany): Battlestar Galactica $35
Monogram: 1/72 F-4J $7.50
Monogram: 1/72 F-4C $7.50 (4 available)
Hasegawa (old): 1/72 F-4EJ $2.50
Hasegawa (old): !/72 F-4E $2.50 (2 available)
All kits have been opened for inspection at some point. The Battlestar,
and most of the Monogram kits, still have the parts sealed in inner bags.
Kits whose parts are no longer sealed in bags will be inspected for
completeness prior to shipping. The Hasegawa Phantoms will be a few parts
short of complete; the EJ will have the travel pods removed, and the E's
will have the inner wing pylons with integrated AIM-4 launchers removed.
Thus, the kits will be entirely buildable, but with external stores
options slightly reduced. Please note that the Hasegawa Phantoms are the
old, very dated kits, not the current releases.
Shipping will be actual shipping cost; what I ask is what you'll see in
stamps. Phantoms will vary between 7.05 and 13 euros (or the equivalent
thereof) depending on number and box weight and assuming surface shipping
outside Europe. Anything that includes the Galactica will cost 15.25
euros, as that one can't be shipped as a small package. Shipping within
the EU will be cheaper, faster shipping more expensive.
I can accept PayPal from existing balance (not credit card) from anywhere
in the world, or a bank transfer from within the EU.
In all cases, first come, first serve applies.
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Rob van Riel
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I'm afraid I'll have to reverse that statement on EU shipping being cheaper. They won't do surface shipping with the EU, so its going to be faster, but slightly more expensive. (I hate it when they do that :-(
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