LAU-68 rocket pods in 1/72 scale?

Hello, I want to hang a couple of LAU-68 7-shot pods from my Academy OV-10. I've been able to locate a couple of them in my stash (from the Airfix O-2 kit), but they are very "eh" in quality. Did anyone else make (good) LAU-68s in 72nd? (The LAU-68 also goes by the name of M260 in the US Army)

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Pauli G
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They don't seem to be in Hasegawa's weapons sets...

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Harro de Jong

you will be pleased to learn that there are the rocket pods you are after in the italeri #177 1/72 'USA/Nato Aircraft Arms'. you get two pods in the set.

i am NOT sure if this set is in the 2005 italeri catalogue, as i have had my copy of such for several years now.

quality is only so-so, sadly:(


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