Hi all!
I'm going to Malta next week, will be there for the Malta International
Airshow, among other things (sun & sea, namely! ;-))
Given that aviation has played an important role in the recent history of
Malta, plus one of the most famous aviation artists/publicists, Richard
Caruana, being Maltese (if I'm not wrong), I'm guessing that there are some
sights worth seeing there, from an aviation enthusiast's point of view? So,
is there a museum or memorial or anything like that, and what else would be
interresting to a modeler? TIA!
Yours truly,
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Never been there either, but must drop in on my way to England when I fly over there. I'll be checking out the wartime strips if they are still there, or the area where the used to be so I know what way to model any dioramas with the soil and plant life. Maybe a look at some places they might have had old gun emplacements by the water, some of those would have some interesting views. Try to picture the harbour as it would have been in some of the times gone by!
There will be sure to be some sort of local historical society or museum that may have a website. There may be some choices of words that could lead to an interesting search engine game of right click, "open in new window". A fun way to spend half an hour!
Asking a few of the locals that have a few years up might be a good way to find out some different angles and stories. Might be someone you meet at the airshow, might be someone you meet over a quiet beer (and lunch?) at a local.
Hope this helps, Peter
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Not WWII but they filmed Gladiator there and I believe the "Coliseum" is still standing. hth
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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One of the Sea Gladiators used during the battle for Malta is/was on display somewhere in Malta.
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Well now, Malta is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. Haven't been back these last 2 years, but the things to keep a lookout for are :
Malta War Memorial, Fort St Elmo, Valetta, has the reconstructed Gladiator, a Bofors Gun, bits of a Stuka and much else, including the GC.
There is a lovely Mark IX Spitfire restoration which was in a Nissen Hut at Luqa, but may by now be part of the Malta Air Museum, which was being developed the last time I was over. Luqa, or Malta International Airport, has swallowed up the smaller RAF bases. Ta'Qali is a craft village now.
There are coastal lookout positions all over the place, and quite a number of WW2 structures to be seen. The Malta War Rooms beside the Grand harbour have been refurbished and are open to the public. Valetta is a must, and you will find the ruins of the bombed out Opera House just inside the City Gate. Also just inside the gates is a very good tourist information centre, make that an early port-of-call.
There used to be a model shop in Birkirkara, don't know if its still there as I didn't get to it during my last visit.There was a shop with a very large stock of kits on the Strand in Sliema, near Marks and Spencer.
Keep an eye out for the Malta Defence Force, they have a Cessna O-1 and Allouette IIIs. There is (was?) also an Italian Air Force AB205 based a Luqa for SAR, and a leased civil Mil-8 flying the shuttle to Gozo. Plenty to see! An Aeroflot Il76 went right over my head the last time I was there!
You have to take the Grand harbour boat trip from Sliema Strand, it's not to be missed.
John (Great-nephew of WW2 Malta based Bofors gunner!)
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John Walker
In article , Bushy writes
I've never been there either, but I'd like to. A friend went recently, but dragging a young family meant he didn't get where he wanted - I must ring him again soon, if I remember I'll ask where he did get to. As for gun emplacements, they've been building them since the Knights of St. John sailed in - all the cities round Grand Harbour were laid out with defences optimised for cannon, then a new art. IIRC some outlying beaches had fougasses covering them - holes drilled into surrounding rocks which could be charged like a cannon, although in effect they were an early Claymore mine. The Victorians really tooled the place up, and I believe there's more guns in place than in the UK - ISTR seeing a photo of a casemate battery of large Muzzle Loading Rifles (13.5 inch?) some years ago. They certainly still have a 100ton 18.1 inch MLR in place - it has a fort to itself! (There were only ever two, the other is in Gibraltar. IIRC both were fired simultaneously - light blank charges, of course - earlier this year.)
There's a really big military museum in (I think) Valletta. Everything from the armour of the knights of St> John to the preserved fuselage of one of the trio of Sea Gladiators which defended the island in WW2.
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Dunno if you'd be interested, but in Anchor Bay, is the movie set village used in the movie "Popeye" and later seen on "Remington Steele". It's in the narrowest part of the island, not far from what I think is their biggest city. If you are a geocacher, I understand there is a geocache there.
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WinBear (Bob Horton)
Thanks for all the info! I'm leaving tomorrow, will post some photos when I get back, that's for sure. I'll let you know where. -- Yours truly,
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