Model Expo Prices.

Has anyone else noticed the big price increase at Model Expo for wooden
ship models? The last model I got there was the "Independance" by
Artesania Latina, that sold for about $75. Other kits in the same
category are now priced at close to $200 less than a year later. They
no longer carry Artesania Latina kits, which I felt were the most "user
friendly" of all the brands. Two years ago, I bought the
"Constitution" by Mamoli for about $170. The same kit is now $350, a
pretty big increase for just 2 years.
Happy modeling, Norm
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N.L. Eckert
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Yah, and look at their 1/18th scale wooden aircraft kits! They have also been jacked up considerably.
Since they got out of the plastic aircraft business, (I.E., Heller, Airfix, Revell, Monogram and Trumpeter -) I just dump their Email offers and pitch their catalog in the trash. No "Great Deals" anymore.
~Rick Fluke Sopping Wet in Western Montana!
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hey, they still have a few Airfix planes for $1.99 or something... :-)
they used to be a good source but now they just sell kindling.
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