Modelers Vault???

Anyone have any comments about dealings with...
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Thanks for any input!
Kenn Engstrom
Port Orchard, WA
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I have bought a bunch of models from them. They are a great group of people. Never have had any problems. They ship fast, send you confirmations by e-mail, and never charge anything to your credit card till it ships. I use them all the time. No worries.
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Jimmy Da Greek
I bought from them once a couple of years ago. It was only after I placed and confirmed the order that a message stated that "it would be shipped within 2 weeks"....I got it about three weeks later. I don't know how typical this was. It was for a new release that they said was in stock. All else was just fine. IMHO: Megahobby is quicker, but I did just use ModelersVault once. Maybe it isn't always that way.
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Great company. NEVER had a problem. There is not another web based hobby shop that I can say that about. About a dozen orders with them thus far.
Curtis Bullard IPMS 40355
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IPMS 40355

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