Stripping Tamiya Color

Well, I've been able to avoid Murphy for the past few months but a couple of
days ago my luck ran out and old Murphy and his law paid me a visit. I screwed
up a couple of fenders and now I need to strip them down to the plastic to redo
them. I used Tamiya spray lacquer and, while I know there are a few ways to go
about this, has anyone had experience stripping Tamiya lacquer specifically?
If so, any special recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Once armed
with the right info, I can return to the scene of the crime. Thanks.
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I've stripped Tamiya spray paints by soaking in brake fluid for a few days - that's how long it took!
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If you're talking about the Tamiya TS series, I used acetone based nail polish remover and it worked fine. I sprayed some Gloss Black that I didn't like, tried to polish it out, still didn't like it, by that time, it was 2 weeks old or so. Tried nail polish remover and worked on the test areas, all it did was flatten the plastic a littel bit, but a quick buff with a soft cloth brought the shine back up.
I didn't soak the kit, what I did was dampen a paper towel in nail polish remover, hold it on the paint for 5 seconds or so, then start wiping, keep turning the towel to a clean area and keep wiping.
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I always start stripping TS paints with methylated spirits - that will shift most of the colours. Failing that, try brake fluid or oven cleaner. Good luck!
RobG (the Aussie one)
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Rob Grinberg
Denatured alcohol will strip it without damaging the plastic.
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Al Superczynski
I tried oven cleaner, brake fluid, Castrol super clean, and Wesley's bleech white all with out anything happening except some lossened paint at the edges. Will have to give the acetone suggestion a try.
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Tom Hiett
On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 03:45:53 -0600, Al Superczynski doth put forth:
I'll second that, it was the only thing that I got to work. It is otherwise known as isopropanol, found at your local drug store.
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Derek Lloyd
in article Vs=LP2zgSbNVp4cJXP46sZxd+, Derek Lloyd at wrote on 12/1/03 5:34 PM:
Hmmm. My container of Denatured Alcohol says the Alky contains Methanol. (denaturing agent). Does Ispropanol contain methanol?
Anyway, I use it to strip paints and it usually works better than Isopropyl.
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Milton Bell

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