Need instructions for 1/35 M-32 ARV

Hey folks!
I'm looking at building a 1/72 M-32 for my
Korean War collection. I realize that there's
going to be significant scratchbuilding here
and that doesn't bother me. What I have
problems with is resources. I'm living in
the RoK and there's just not that much
available for English language (or ANY
language, for that matter!) reference material
on tanks and such.
I was wondering if someone out there in teh
intertubez would be willing to scan in a
copy of their kit instructions and email them
to me. I don't care who the manufacturer
is, I'd say Italeri since I know that they make
a copy of the vehicle. What I'm mainly after
is the five way views and detail placement.
Thanks all!
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Roger that, Italeri made a kit of an M32B1 (M32 ARV on M4A1 chassis). It's got some serious problems (starting with the fact most of them were built on early model chassis and Italeri's M4A1 was a late model 76mm).
Alas, built mine 18 years ago and no longer have the directions.
Cookie Sewell
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Hi there.
I have the 1/35 scale Italeri kit I can scan the instructions from. I read 1/35 in the header then saw 1/72 in the message and thought it was 1/72 you needed. If it's the 1/35 you need just email me your addy and I'll email them to you.
Cheers from Peter
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Sir Ridesalot
I'm so used to replying to posts on modelling forums where email addys are not displayed that I never noticed your is. I'll try to scan the instructions fro you today.
Cheers from Peter
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Sir Ridesalot
Got the scans and they're JUST what I needed! I've got them saved in three places, two different HDD's and on line. All saved in very obvious files with names that can't be screwed up.
Hopefully, I'll still be able to find them when I need them! Ha ha ha!
Thanks a bunch!
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