Need RF-101 Experimental Camo Info

I'm looking for drawings showing any of the early experimental camouflage patterns and colors applied to RF-101 based in Southeast Asia during the early-mid 1960s. So far I've only come across a few photos of Voodoos in the experimental camouflage and drawings of the standard med. green, dark green, and tan camo pattern.

Thanks in advance!

Martin - IPMS 44668

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Martin: Wish i could help but I would need a time machine to get it right!

While stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN, from 6/66 thru 6/67 I had many, many opportunities to study the RF-101 camou schemes up close. I was assigned to the 600th Combat Photo Squadron and often had to drive out on the flight line to pickup classified materials from the "Scatback" courier birds which just happened to park in the same area as the Voodoos.

Need a definition of "Frustration"?? Try being in a Combat Photo outfit and not being able to carry a camera onto the flightline without going through a lot of hassles. Hence the lack of pictures!!

I do recall that there might be two RF-101s parked side by side and their camouflage PATTERNS might have appeared to be the same but the colors were REVERSED. I.E., what was "sand" on one bird would be painted in dark green on the other aircraft.......I also recall seeing examples of this "reversal" on certain F-105Ds based in Thailand.

Wish I had pictures, but I don't. And the one pix I tried to sneak of a trashed Vietnamese A-1 (Great scheme of overall Gray with a Rusty Red Brown Camouflage kinda like the Brits "Sand and Spinach" ) almost got me shot by an overzealous South Vietnamese Airman armed with an M-2 Carbine...... "You No Shoot Picture!" He yelled. "You No Shoot GI !" was my reply.

Ah, the memories......................

Rick - IPMS 772

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