(AIR) Couple of RF-101 Voodoo Questions...

Fellow Modelers,

I have a couple of questions about the RF-101C that I'd appreciate comments on. Most questions refer to photos or drawings from the Squadron publication, 'Modern Military AIrcraft: Voodoo' by Lou Drendel and Paul Stevens (1985).

  1. Camo Schemes: Does anyone have any good references, especially three view drawings or photos that depict the experimental camo scheme patterns carried by several RF-101's at Shaw AFB as well as early during the war in SEA?

I'm refering to the schemes other than the 'Standard' SEA scheme, such as those featuring a black & dark green pattern with a LARGE stars & bars on the fuselage , and even a 'Tiger Stripe' green & black scheme. I am referencing pages 20, 28 & 30 in the above reference.

  1. Photo Flash Pod: Can anyone comment on the use of the flash cartridge ejector pod carried on the centerline station of the 'Toy Tiger' RF-101's? A small photo is featured on page 30 of the above reference. Specifically:

- what, if any, designation this pod carried.

- any references to further drawings, references on dimensions or photos of this item.

-comment on how often or what time period this item was carried.

  1. ECM Pod carriage: Can anyone comment on the carriage of ECM pods on the wing stations (?) of RF-101C's. I'm refering to page 39 of the same reference, depicting an aircraft at Phu Cat AB Specifically:

- what time period or operations were the pods carried?

- can anyone comment on the specific pod carried in this photo, or in general what pods were carried by the Voodoo.

- can anyone reference any additional photos or drawings of the wing pylon used to carry the ECM pod/ Also, what else could be carried on the wing stations of RF-101's?

As always, I'd appreciate anyone's comments, photos, drawings, suggested references to periodicals, books or websites, and of coarse any assistance you feel might be helpful.

Thinking of doing the Monogram kit with either the C&H or Koster conversion, and some of the 'experimental' schemes look pretty cool.



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