Looking For Belgian Tactiocal Recce Pod in 1/48th

Anyone know where to find one of these pods in 1/48th???? Please Advise... Shown on Zotz decal 48-003

Thanks Bob


An MRP under a Belgian F-16. Note the 'Mefisto' (former 42 sqn) patch in front of the MRP (Bob Verhegghen photo)

A number of F-16 users have opted for the MRP (Modular Reconnaissance Pod), which is manufactured by Per Udsen in Denmark. The USAF opted for this system to accommodate it's own TARS recce system. But also Denmark itself is using the pod to replace it's Red Baron pods. The last country, up to now, to use the pod is Belgium. With the withdrawal of it's Mirage VBR reconnaissance planes, the BAF was faced with a shortage of intelligence data, because they did not have any flying reconnaissance asset left. In 1996 the BAF ordered 8 MRP pods. They were delivered in 1998 and were equipped with 5 Vinten 360 cameras, obtained from it's scrapped Mirage fleet. Afterwards, these cameras were replaced by an electro-optical system (video), a "Vigil" IRLS (Infra Red Line Scan) and a real-time transmission data system.

The MRP can be configured for low or medium altitude flights.

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Plastic World Modeling Products from Belgium has an MRP pod in 1/32 scale (#3227), not sure it is out yet. That is the only MRP/TARS/MARS pod that I have heard of.


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