One Fewer.

I don't know how many recall Dr. Metz contributing here in the past, but
I do - back when I first showed up here myself.
Figured I'd pass this along; found today, on Hyperscale:
"5 July, 2012
I am terribly sad to report that Dr. Charles Metz passed away today.
Charlie was a regular visitor and an essential participant in
HyperScale's Forums from almost day one. He was erudite and
enthusiastic, with a broad range of interests and an encyclopaedic
library. Charlie brought the disciplines and talent from his lifetime
career in academia to this hobby, much to the benefit of many HyperScale
visitors over the years. He was generous, lightning fast and reliable
with any requests for information. I will treasure my memories of this
true gentleman, and I wish to convey my deepest sympathy to Dr. Metz's
family and many friends. Charlie, the world was a better place wherever
you trod, and your footsteps will linger long after you have moved on.
You will be sorely missed."
My memory of his contributions here are similar to the above.
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Condolences to Charles' family and friends, I remember him fondly as a contributor here.
Memento mori...
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Gernot Hassenpflug

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