One More Question on the P-38 Night Fighter Gloss Black Finish

thx for the info as to the purpose of the gloss finish...
question: how would this finish weather? How would it look? and how
to do it so it would not look like
a real crappy gloss black paint application?
thx - Craig
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'Cept for some staining around the turbosupercharger exhausts, it doesn't seem to have weathered much at all.
The photos of the F-82G "Twin Mustang" nightfighters seem to show a similar lack of weathering on the gloss black finish.
The P-38Ms really weren't in operational service long enough to accumulate much weathering.
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Bill Shatzer
These finishes weather more than flats, the effects are more noticable.. Sunlight is one of the strongest weathering agents, and sunlight hits parked aircraft mostly on top. I weather these by spraying with an airbrush a grey flat finish, highlighting the top of wing, horizontal tail surfaces and upper fuselage areas. You must adjust airbrush way down so you are just misting on this coat. A less severe weathering is done by just airbrushing dullcoat on the same surfaces.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
Don't forget P-61s used the gloss balck as well.
Bill Shatzer wrote:
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And P 70's wore flat black....
Which in the few color photo's I've got seemed to weather fairly well.
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The areas exposed to most sunlight, usually the upper surfaces, would appear rather semi-gloss than gloss due to the effects of the sun. You might also try cutting the black in these areas with a little gray to visually highlight this effect.
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Bill Woodier
That's a fact. We have a full scale AV8A on a pole in front of the MAD that was high gloss when installed. By the end of the summer it was flatter than flat...I mean DEAD flat. I wish I could get my models that flat - flat.
I'm sure the sun worked on the top - high desert wind and sand took care of the bottom.
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