PSA - When shutting down Ebay accounts and services...

... make sure you turn everything off before you consign your visits to Ebay
to the dustbin.
For instance: If you have an Ebay store, you will receive notice that your
monthly fee will be pro-rated at the time you close the store. On the heels
of that message you will receive another one announcing that you are being
accessed a cancellation fee. Long story short - forget about that
pro-rating thingy.
Certain features and subscriptions are free to store owners (selling
Manager, Sales Reports, etc). When you close your store, those subscriptions
remain in effect and they are no longer free. Ebay will continue to charge
you until you finally cancel the subscription. Make sure when you close your
store, that you peek inside the subscriptions and unplug those as well.
And look all over your Ebay preferences to make sure you're not leaving a
money tap on.
It helped me avoid a few extra Ebay bills, thought I'd pass it along.
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Thanks for the heads up WmB. eBay is a great place to do business like an eBay Store, but like you say, the little things can unexpectedly sneak up and bite you in the butt.
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