Random Plastic thoughts.

Since I have so much free time... uh-huh, I was day dreaming a bit today
while a rather tedious data process ran on both of my computers (and believe
me I need two). I was reading Track Link's Small Scale Forum, somebody's
question got an answer that included a link to Milicast. Looking at thier
stuff got excited about the landing craft but no LCT and what they had was
not cheap.
So my data and code blurred mind drifts sideways a bit as I go back to the
forum and see more hopeful blather about the Trumpeter/HobbyBoss and DML
...Look over at Bruno (PC #2) not even half way... sigh... Hey, DML and
Trumpeter make an LCM(3). i should know I have one of both. Thinking...
thinking... DML, Trumpeter willing to gamble on LCM(3)... DML and
Trumpeter/HobbyBoss are making Shermans... Hey, what a great way to sell 4
Shermans, sell an LCT. If someone buys an LCT he'll need Shermans for a
load. Lesse the LCMs are $20. How much could the LCTs be and still sell?
$50, while I have been pulling back on the more expensive kits lately I
could go $50 for an LCT, I'll still need another $50 for the Shermans.
I think it works, what do you fellas think.
Who is fried from an intense session today with the prospect of more
tommorrow. Work weeknights or work weekends gotta get done by Friday.
Dealines... deadlines...
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Gray Ghost
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i think id silver hits $30 an oz i can but a cheap gas burner and visit my fave model shop in ct. and see my boston friends. plus have some leftover moola.
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