Re: CAR: Another Wal Mart question

I just saw an Ala Kart model on Ebay that looked like it was in the
>same style box that the "generic"AMT kits are in that are sold at WM.
>The ones that are actually the same kit as the $12 dollar types but
>with plain boxes and are (at least around here) only $4.99.
>So I guess my question is whether the Ala Kart is being sold at Wal >Mart like this?
It sure is (or at least was), along with a bunch of others over
the past couple of years or so. It's best to pick up whatever you
want as soon as you see it as these special Wal-Mart issues go pretty
fast at less than $5 a pop! I've bought a bunch of them as parts
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