Re: lindberg big subs

58" seems large to me. i like the the mini.> damn, with kaiten, too?
> would be neat if the add on makers support these with photo and resin.
Hi there.
It seems as if there are going to be a number of the ship models re-
released too.
I have their so called HMS Hood in 1/400 scale. It sucks.
I have converted and built a couple of their 1/32 scale PT-109 models.
You *CAN NOT* build the PT-109 boat from the 1/32 scale kit because
you get the wrong engine room vent with it. And the hull is 3/4 inch
too short.
I hope their subs are more accurate than these two kits were.
I'd be interested in seeing the prices.
Cheers from Peter
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mini.> damn, with kaiten, too?
Speaking of model ships, I had heard that Lindberg was reissuing a sub chaser. Told my local dealer to pick me up one, but he says it is not available. I see nothing on their web site about it. Was this a bad rumor?
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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