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I have used this shop in the past - good service
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> Do any of you know any online model paint retailers who have a good
> selection of paints acrylics / enamels / brushes etc. and willing to ship
> them without having to buy a kit (ie not Hannants!) they seem to be pretty
> thin on the ground, or well camouflaged!
> tia.
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Lew Weaver
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There's a guy who attends model shows selling Lifecolor acrylic paints.
I picked up one of his brochures - complete with a list of the Lifecolor paint range - and he trades as 'Paint by Post'.
The phone number is 01553 673744 and his email is :-
He may well have a website by now - but drop him a line anyway - sounds like just what you want ?
PS - I've never used his services - never yet needed to.
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Ken Duffey
I got some Lifecolor paints from Aeroclub a few weeks ago without buying a kit.
Scott G. Welch
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