Re: Testors. How Long will it Last?

If you are asking how long Testors paint will last in an unopened bottle I have some old Testors PLA in bottles marked 15 cents and they still work just fine. If you are worried test them out before committing them to a kit. Cheers, Max Bryant

Hi all, > > I have just been given 70 sachet's of 28 different colours of the Testors > Model Master range for airbrushing. E.G.. 3 x FS36231 Matt Gull Gray 20ml > (2/3fl.oz). > > My Question is, How long do they last in the Sachet if they are not opened > (they will soon). > > Spence > >
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Max Bryant
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Its unlikely the stuff marked 15 cents has the same make-up as the new stuff. When I updated MSDSs a few years ago I was told by more than one manufacturer the their formula had been changed several times since the MSDS I had on hand to reduce costs, reduce chemicals now thought to be risky, or to reduce envronmental concerns.


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Tom Hiett

Curious! I have heard about those airbrush ready Sachets and even seen a few magazine adds a couple of years ago, but I have yet to see them in a hobby shop or at a show or contest here in the U.S.A. Were they only released in Europe or what?

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Testors Acryl was available in sachets in Australia. They have been discontinued. Pity as the sachets were easy to work with.

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Ultan Rooney


It was a mainly European thing, although they never really caught on there either. My old model shop was getting rid of them at the end of last year.



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Tim Campbell

Thanks for the reply Guy's

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