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Hello all!
I'm rather new here to this newsgroup, and it seems most topics are
"military" related. Anyway I am a Formula one enthousiast, and thus collect
and build the F1 kits that have been issued by Tamiya. And next to that I am
setting up a website with reference material to all the kits that have been
issued by Tamiya concerning F1 cars. Feel free to have a look at it, and let
me know what you think, and if you experience any problems, or if you'd like
to give some feedback (good or bad), please let me know, okay? I know that
Mozilla users have some trouble with the models section :(
Here's the URL:
formatting link

Kind regards,
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You want to wander over to Yahoo Groups and check out the newsgroups F1M (Formula One Modelers) as well as GPMA (Grand Prix Modelers Association). Great groups, wonderful members, and more information, tips, techniques, etc. than you'll ever be able to use in two lifetimes.
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Charles Fox

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