Removing Old Paint

I have several old plastic truck kits and wish to remove the enamel paint from cabs on them. What is a safe way to do this without marking the plastic? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Check this article:

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Pat Flannery

Thanks Pat Very informative. Will give the brake fluid a try

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I use Mr Muscles oven cleaner and it works perfectly.

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Hi Scraper:

I've used Castrol Super Clean with great results. Removed 99% of the paint with no effect on the plastic. Now it's sold at Wal-mart under the name Super Clean in purple jugs. Fantastic stuff.

Regards, John.

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Plus you can strain it through a screen to remove the paint chunks and still be able to use it to clean oily spots off the garage floor. Using brake fluid or oven cleaner does you or environment any good. Dump those down the drain could get you in dutch.

Other choices I use besides Castrol SC is Westley's Bleach-White or Simple Green. All three available at most full service department or automotive stores.

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how do any of the above suggestions react to resin figures? have several large nude figures that I would like to try and paint again....


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I don't think Castrol is a good idea for resin. Westley's is usually recommended for cleaning release off of resin but I wouldn't let the item soak in it. I don't know enough about Simple Green.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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