"Required" accessories for 1/35 figures?

Do you always put on all the accessories that come with figures? Canteen, various bags, shovel. knife, that cylinder thing (gas mask)??, etc.. or do you vary it between each figure.


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Musicman59 wrote in news:93a0114b-d85b-4967-83f9- snipped-for-privacy@q40g2000prh.googlegroups.com:

Depends. Reality dictates that depending on the period, not everyone would have had all bits of gear, especially the force that was losing. There is probably a minimum you would have say a canteen, ammo pouchs, etc. I get the impression that as it became clear that noone was going to use gas the masks became extra baggage. "Knife", more properly a bladed tool, might depend on whether your weapon took a bayonet or not. Shovel, maybe, maybe not. As for the bags what are they for, extra socks, food?

Of course they are your figures so...

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Gray Ghost

Musicman59 wrote in news:93a0114b-d85b-4967-83f9- snipped-for-privacy@q40g2000prh.googlegroups.com:

I'll add it might depend on what they are doing. Are they just on a quickie scout patrol, then probably a minimum of gear would go. Are they dug in somewhere, then you might not wear everything but have it nearby. Mounted trrops may also leave gear in the vehicle.

Then again troops moving on foot, or actually engaged might have everything on them.

Check yer references.

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Gray Ghost

Not always - I generally put on them what I think *I* might carry if I were doing what I want to depict them doing in whatever scenario I'm making up.

Sometimes there's a "standard issue" item - a sidearm, bayonet, gas mask, etc. that I might consider that all of them would have in a particular situation...like these days you just about never see a foot soldier without sunglasses or some other sort of eye protection - but even so, they aren't always the same kind of sunglasses or eye protection.

So mix it up. War is chaos.

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Anyone who has ever served in the military will point out you only take what you really think you will need -- for example, ditch the gas mask and mess kit and carry twice as much ammo or a few extra grenades.

In "admin" situations few people other than posted guards carry anything other than a helmet or other headgear.

Look at the photos in books and on the Internet and you'll see what the troops at the time felt was important.

I started out in Vietnam carrying a helmet, rifle, bandolier of ten magazines and a flak jacket. But as a "REMF" by the end of my tour it was only a baseball cap and basic uniform.

Cookie Sewell

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