Resin epoxy failure question

I was moving a large white vinyl figure, (18 inches Captain America, cheap recast from Thailand, unpainted) and the arms came off. I had assembled the kit a few years ago. Trying to figure out why the epoxy failed. Is the 1:1 ratio crucial? I squirt out as equal as I can the two tubes and mix. If you are a little off does that mean it will fail?

Any other ideas as to why it would have failed? Temperature of figure where stored? I've used it a lot over the years and not thrilled about watching various arms and legs start to fall off...


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Did they just "come off", as in fell off? Or did it get bumped? I don't think epoxy is the best glue in the world for vinyl. Vinyl's hard to glue.

snipped-for-privacy@earthl> I was moving a large white vinyl figure, (18 inches Captain America,

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Jim K

You will probably notice that the epoxy layer in your glue joints is still in one piece and intact.

As others said, the epoxy is most likely fine, but it has limited capability to adhere to vinyl (especially if the vinyl surface wasn't perfectly clean).

I think that CA glue (super glue) would be a better choice for vinyl. Especially the super-thin, quick setting CA glue.


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Peter W.

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