DML SdKfz 251 Kits

Ok, is it just me not getting something right, or is there insufficient leg room for the driver in the '251 kits (specifically the "Drilling" but I guess the others too) for the vinyl driver figure supplied or the seated figures in set 6193 "Halftrack Crew" to fit into the driver and radio operator's seats?

Altering the 6193 Radio Operator (figure C) legs is easy enough, but the vinyl figure may be less easy. His legs are stretched out as if the pedals should be the length of his boots further away than they actually are.

Other than being ticked off by this I am finding it to be a nice kit though. Used some Cavalier vinyl ammo belt in place of the kit styrene, looks nice. Just hope I can get the rest of the beast together as well as that.



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Mark Bivens
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