Revell 1/35 Bell H-13 MASH

I picked this up today on a whim. One of the boxes was open and after looking
at it, I was impressed enough, considering the cheap price.
But there is virtually nothing on the net. A build article, some comments on
some forums. Yikes!
What impressed me was the boom being one piece. Is this the same as the
Academy/MRC kit? Is it really 1/35 as I think it was released with the 1/40
jeep and Deuce as part of teh MASH series.
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I built it when it first came out, alongside the MRC -D model. It's not the same kit at all. The Revell is a -G model, with the twin fuel tanks as seen on the TV show. The MRC kit has a 4 part boom, different landing skids, single fuel tank, and is all around "thinner" than the Revell. The boom and strut pieces are finer, and the smaller details are marginally less "chunky".
The Revell kit was completely non-dramatic and anticlimactic as a build. Everything fit where it was supposed to and nothing was off-square. There are no traps, no "gotchas", no worrying about problems. It would be a great kit to super-detail.
You're going to enjoy building it.
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