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Don't know for sure, but a friend (not online, that's how he gets stuff built) started one as a retirement project - I think it's been going about 5 years and is approaching completion. Basically, there is a SH*TLOAD of aftermarket, and he's used most of it. The major components of the model act as an armature for all the aftermarket - I don't think there are many surfaces that aren't covered with sheets of etch. IIRC, he mentioned the engine room hatch cover has nearly as many parts as the original kit. What I've seen could be described as "Museum Quality" - except I've seen stuff in national museums that weren't a patch on it (he is one of the best modellers I know, at one time if he didn't win several aircraft classes in the NE England IPMS annuals, it was because he hadn't entered). It's an unsociable hour to call him and as where he got the stuff (especially as I haven't seen him in some months), but I recall the name "White Ensign Models" being mentioned.
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: : I am contemplating buying the Snowberry. What kind of photo etch and : aftermarket accessories are available for it? : There is enough PE available to set you back several times the price of the original kit, if you want to go that route.
As was mentioned, "White Ensign" is a good starting point. "Pacific Front" is probably another.
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Bruce Burden (Bruce Burden) wrote in news:K%Oam.29498$BP6.20847 @newsfe24.iad:
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This is what he wants. Bring lots of money.
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Makes me wonder why they didn't simply produce a complete kit as they already do for railway locomotives?
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The website explains that it is intended for people to buy each set as and when they need it. It seems that the model is usually a *long* tern project.
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wow, that's a lot of stuff ! My Snowberry is buried away somewhere, have not looked inside for years. If there are that many replacement parts, I wonder what Revell is offering, a floating piece of &*#&#!!! ??
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First you have to remember when the Flower was made and by who. The site says that they replace virtually everything except the hull. Thier logic being it is cheaper to buy the Flower kit for the hull than to try and find a proper fiberglass hull at a comparable price, which is probably why they don't make a fiberglass hull. I suspect you could do one in resin and that it would easier to make the hullplates from a mold, than in building up a fiberglass hull. Cost and weight would still be issues and I'm not informed enough to speak directly to them.
Mot everyone "meeds" to go completely batshit. It is still a hobby, meaning a pleasureable pastime. You could build it out of the box and still produce a creditable model of a Flower, and virtually anyone who sees it is going to know what's right and wrong. My leaning is to scratch or replace some parts, depending on the level of detail I want and if I ever intend to complete it. I did a Revell PT-109 once used the Hasegawa 37mm gun and drilled out the protective bar that is supposed to protect the aimer from the recoil of the gun, it's supposed to be perfed and it's not in the kit. I scratchbuilt a few items including replacing the hand rail on the deckhouse with model railroad stanchions and plastic rod (shoulda used brass) and made the depth charges and racks completely from scratch after looking at some pictures. I replaced the 20mm barrel and the fifty cal barrels with some appropriate sized tubing and bought PE 50 cal ammo belts. Oh and replaced the silencer linkages with wire. Simple, pretty cheap and I won a 1st and a third place with it.
It all depends on what you want to do. I recently saw an ad for a Dragon 1/35 halftrack in a Cyber Hobby upgrade that had a retail of $180! Probably makes up into an actual halftrack that drives, has a radio and heater and tickles your balls at that special moment. Fine for a museum piece or for really onsessed people. Of course it has about 10,000 parts including miniscule PE that you are likely to lose your mind trying to bend. Me I have the Tamiya kits, some replacement bogies and tracks and the 75mm conversion that's out od productiona nd looks pretty good. I also have some decent references lots of platic stock and leftover goodies and when I start i would like to finish in the same month that I started, if at all possible.
IOW you can do a credible Flower with references, patience and a minimal outlay of cash and time. It all depends on what you want. I didn't bother to add everything up the prices were in British pounds and looked depressing enough as it is. I've got my Flower, a Revell 1/72 U-boat and a couple of 1/72 WWII ASW aircraft. Plus various Revell and Airfix 1/72 scale ships. If I get them all done good on me, if I get a few done, wlle I'm still happy. If I spend another $800USD on all the aftermarket I'm not sure it would really make me any happier.
Don't get sucked in... It's a hobby.
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