Revell Ju-52 with floats?

Didn't Revell offer floats/pontoons with their 1/72 kit back in the

1960-70's ? I have some vague memory of building this version.

Faded childhood memories or fact?

thx - Craig

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No,as they didn't make one. Airfix did, however, and it came with a lot of different options for how to finish it as well with both floats and wheels and optionnal position doors and hatches. Other than some of the quiry Airfix designs the kit was one of their better ones.

Cookie Sewell

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italieri did and still does. don't remember the rev.

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Italeri had one that featured the floats. Italeri was reboxed by Revell often. Just go to eBay and look for italeri (or Itaelerei)

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roy chow

This thread piqued my interest, so I went up into the attic and there, way back in the rear of the stash is.....

1/72 MPC Profile Series #C-2006 - a Ju 52 with floats included. And in real fine print, "licensed by Airfix."

Interestingly, the box art says that any one of three aircraft can be built from this kit - a Spanish Civil War bomber (brown, green, and gray), one in a Winter Scheme (black stripes over white), and one from Crete operations (solid green). There's no box art example of one with floats - although the plans have a page showing the construction and installation of the floats.

For those who may remember it, the box cover is primarily yellow. The parts are all molded in white.

I have no recollection of when I bought it or how much I paid.

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the cover of mine is black and white. same kit.

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Andy wrote in news:53c293f8-869a-47b6-99e9-

Having had the original Airfix kit, I remember it as a green aircraft dropping paratroopers, presumably over Crete. I do recall having a devil of a time getting Airfix's decals to settle into all the corrugations. This helped introduce me to Letraset markings. They hung on for years but should have been coated with a clear flat. They were starting to chip off after 30 years. BTW, I built mine as a floatplane. I'd have to check my instruction sheet once again but I'm pretty sure the variant was covered by a paint diagram on the sheet.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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