Can anyone help me out with some info which I have lost. Around two
years ago i found a web site whilst browsing, which was dedicated to
the building of the Robbe Berlin sea rescue boat. It had full
instructions along with pictures as the builder built the boat, along
with - helpfully, details he found which were problem areas or needed
a lot of care on.
Unfortunately now that I have the time to start the project with my
model, I cannot locate the site anymore, despite searching for hours.
Any ideas out there would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanx - John
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John MacInnes
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This link:
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dead dammit! I had it marked for me if I ever got around to finishing mine. I'm sure this is the one you were thinking of. It had step by step construction pictures. Even the domain is dead. Oh well, the next stop for mine is probably Ebay.
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Chris C.

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