Southern Pride 3H

Hi all,

I'm (finally) getting close to finishing off a Southern Pride 3H unit model kit. I'm struggling a bit working out which underframe components to use off the sprues provided and where they all go. it seems most of them aren't necessary ? Can anybody point me towards a web site with some good photos of a completed model showing the chassis (found a few shots of the DC kits version but none of the underside) or, if you've made one yourself, perhaps take a couple of photos please.

I've found some real life chassis photos on the SEMG website which will help a bit too.

Also I have fitted the black beetle motor which runs nicely but I'd like to fit a DCC chip. I have instructions for the wiring but any suggestions as to where to locate the chip. As it gets hot I'm assuming just laying it inside the engine room wouldn't be ideal ?

Thanks for any help


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